Global Payer insights for smarter market access planning

Dating as far back as 1999, MAESTrO has drawn comprehensive information from a range of major international regulatory and reimbursement agencies, allowing the user to rapidly identify key payer relevant points of clinical and economic evidence and the original assessment documents.  All entries have been categorised to allow users to search by the parameters below among others.  Key submission dates have been captured allowing analysis and graphical presentation of timelines and success rates. MAESTrO integrates years of market access submissions and outcomes from all the world’s major health technology assessment (HTA) agencies. 

You can search for outcomes, see timelines and construct alerts by e.g. :-

  • Technology type (medicine, vaccine, blood product, diagnostic agent, device or procedure
  • Technology name (e.g. fluticasone furoate)
  • Disease/condition (type II diabetes mellitus etc)
  • Therapeutic area (oncology, opthalmology etc)
  • Agency (NICE, IQWIG, CADTH, PBAC, SMC, ICER, EMA, FDA  and more)
  • Applicant/sponsor (e.g GSK, Novartis, Pfizer etc)
  • Policy issue (e.g. risk share agreement) 
  • Submission detail (initial, resubmission, full, abbreviated)
  • Trial phases
  • Primary End points, Comparators
  • Economic evaluation type (e.g. CUA, CEA)
  • Agency Meeting
  • Year

See a full description in the video below.